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What is

Soft Medicine

Leaf Lounge & Elixir Cafe


A place to call home.  A cozy couch and a cup of tea. Friends, events and community gatherings.  Sourcing the highest quality teas, herbs, and foods to feed our community.  Simple Ayurvedic based foods designed to feed your body and soul.​  These are some of the Elements of this place.

Live Music - Dance - Yoga - Workshops

Private & Curated Events.

Community centered food and libations:

We have built our menu around locally sourced ingredients, partnering with farmers and herb producers. We also bring in single origin teas and superfoods while honoring their traditions and the places we source them from.  The lounge is set up to create a healing space for everyone that enters, and we listen to the community's needs for space and what events touch them most.  This is your home away from home.

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