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Elixir Lounge - Tea - Yoga - Events - Food

Soft Medicine

Sebastopol, CA

(707) 827-8130

186 N Main St. Sebastopol, 95472

 11am-10pm Tue-Sun

 6pm-10pm Mon


Soft Medicine

4000 sq ft Community Hub

We built this place with you in mind.

Comfy Couches

Good Food

Herbal Teas and Elixirs

Plenty of room to be you, with space to dance, play, and connect.


Tea & Herbs

Bringing together the best of local herbal products with the highest quality herbs, Chinese teas, superfoods, and drinks.

Our menu spans many traditions: Ayurveda, TCM, Amazonian Herbalism, European folk medicine, Native Herbalism, and New Age Functional Medicine.

We bring the best to you.  You can savor the flavors of every cup from a comfy seat in the town that you love.


Our chefs are top notch!  With over 20 years in the restaurant business, they bring together unique flavors of local ingredients into simple, wholesome, farm-to-table style vegetarian grain bowls, soups, and salads. Our menu is designed for everyday healthy eating.

To compliment this, we add seasonal charcuterie boards featuring the best of Sonoma County Ferments and Cheeses, as well as locally made bone broth shots.

Our menu is all organic, or beyond, and we source 100% of our food ingredients from local farms with 200 miles of our restaurant.

Grains, salts, and oils included.


Food & Retail


Yoga & Event Space

Our back room is 1400 sq ft of pure bliss.

With weekly yoga classes, workshops, and events, we have it all.

Come stretch in the morning with Tirza Dawn, learn about Breathwork or Folk Herbalism during the day, and dance to amazing live DJs and acoustic artists at night.

We are an eclectic mix of what Sebastopol needs: healthy, non-alcoholic night life, and daily sanctuary space for ritual and healing to occur.

Welcome to Soft Medicine


Herbal Lounge


Come in, sit down, and enjoy the good vibes as you connect and co-work with others.  This is an inclusive space for community connection and dropping into self.  We offer yoga, dance, and movement, and also the ability to just work or read.

Comfy couches and large work tables lend themselves to meeting up or winding down with others.  Come in and make new friends or find old ones.


Our Retail consists of local dry goods, fun herbal products, Ayurvedic and functional medicine, supplements, and tea.

Manager Owned
& Membership

Soft Medicine is manager & employee-owned, meaning the people who run the daily operations have a say in the financial and energetic heart of the space, and unlike traditional businesses, our employees benefit directly from the growth of the business itself by receiving a kickback of the year-end profits. 

We also offer monthly memberships as a way of giving back to the people that make this community great.

Members get perks such as: free access to events, drinks, and food, as well as discounts on everything they buy.

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